Как сделать корм аквариумным рыбкам

High quality aquarium foods hd\ как приготовить высококачественный корм для рыб hd

HD-version of a popular previously released "How-to" film. An excellent aquarium fish food (fish omelet) can be easily prepared by recipes of Dr. Sergei M. Kochetov. All necessary ingredients can be found on every home kitchen. You does not need to know Russian to understand how-to -just look! These foods will be taken by the most aquarium fishes - livebearers, characins, barbs, cichlids, catfishes, etc. Fish fry will grow extremely fast when feeding by this fish omelet. 
It is necessary to keep fish omelet at low temperature in home refrigerator (minus 1 -3 C for 1 week or at minus 15 -20 degrees C in a freezer - up to 3 month).
HD-версия фильма о приготовлении омлета для аквариумных рыб. В реальном времени показано, как приготовить высококачественный корм для рыб.
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