Как сделать fallout 3 на windows 7

How to: run fallout 3 on windows 7

**NEW! Instructions**: How to: Run Fallout 3 on Windows 7 (also useful for older games)
Make sure the game is installed in full, including all DLCs before you do this.
1- Start the Fallout 3 Launcher. In the graphic settings, remove ALL anti-aliases.
3- Start the game, stay in the MAIN MENU.
4- Press Ctrl-Alt-Del access the Task Manager.
5- In the Processes Tab, Right click Fallout3 on the list.
6- Select Properties
7- Access the Compatibility Tab
8- The 1st box in this tab is called Compatibility Mode. Select Windows Vista service pack 1.
Fallout 3 was not made for Windows 7. So you need to run it in Windows XP or Vista. 
Don't Panic! Nothing will change on your computer. Just that when you start the game, your computer will make the switch, it's not even visible.
9- Right Click again on Fallout3 in your Task Manager (repeat step 4)
10- Click on Set Affinity
11- You will see a screen with 2 to 4 CPUs checked. Remove them all except one.
Fallout 3 cannot run on more than 1 Core, you have to deactivate the others.
12- Apply Settings for all Users.
13- Close the Task Manager.
14- Fallout 3 is in windowed mode, so you can go back to it and Quit.
15- Restart the game in Full Screen Mode.

Another fix to try:
Find the FALLOUT.I­NI file. Find the line on a text editor that says : bUseThreadedAI=0 and change the 0 to a 1. Then press enter and write iNumHWThreads=2, save the document and try to run the game. It should then stop freezing.

You can now play the game, BUT!
Important tips:
REMOVE ALL AUTOSAVE in the game. Find the option and check it off. 
The game will crash on autosave VERY often. Make sure you manually save instead once in a while.
Hope this help!

Remember that for older games you download or buy. You can play them all!
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